Wk. 8 – Finger Painting

This weeks activity was actually a pretty fun one.  I haven’t done finger painting since I was very young, so this really brought me back to being a little kid and just painting to have fun.  I especially liked it because there was no right or wrong thing to paint either.  Having no specific subject to try to work around was very relieving and made it easy to just have fun with it and make random markings and shapes with my fingers.  I tried to give the different colors of paint a little bit of their own area and then mix them where the areas would meet.  I didn’t want to mix them all completely across the paper because I wanted to be able to see each color in its own spot.  The spots where they did meet though were really cool because I got to see exactly what color it made when mixing the colors together and seeing what difference it made when more of one color was added than the other.  It’s definitely a lot different than a lot of paintings I’ve seen because it has no subject or purpose really and it definitely looks like its done by a child.  The picture doesn’t do it much justice but there is definitely some interesting colors when you look closely at where the colors are mixing.



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