Wk. 10 – Artist Conversation – Brittany Waters

Brittany Waters is an art student at CSULB and is in her senior year.  She is going to be graduating at the end of this semester on May 26.  She is very excited to graduate, but is also sad because she really loves CSULB and it’s art.  After she graduates, she plans to stay for the summer in order to use the painting facilities on campus.

Her work this piece was inspired by the endangered green sea turtles that are actually near Long Beach.  These adolescent turtles are staying in warm waters where they can mature safely until they are adults and are ready to return to the ocean.  For this piece, she created 118 replica baby turtles.  Her whole art work was of a beach where the turtles are hatching out of their eggs in the sand, and are then crawling out of the sand and trying to make it to the ocean safely.  Each turtle she made took 2-3 hours, so that means she took her time and put a lot of detail into each one.  I thought this piece was amazing because each turtle is very small and had a lot of detail in them, and it sent a powerful message about how they are endangered and need to make it safely to the ocean in order for their species to survive.




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