Wk. 12 – Ethnography

My friends and I recently went on a camping trip in Mammoth.  It’s a good thing that we did, because it fits this project perfectly.  While we were there we barely used our cell phones, other than to take the occasional picture.  Our days were spent fishing in the little river and hiking out on the trails.  At night, we built a fire and made dinner and then talked around the fire and looked at the stars.  Once it started getting late, we all got ready for bed and went to sleep in our sleeping bags in our big tent that fit all of us.  This trip was honestly very relaxing and it felt really good to get away from everything and to just enjoy the outdoors.  It really felt nice not worrying about being on my phone all day and just enjoying the people and the world around me.  Without my phone, I was also able to fall asleep very quickly and stay in a deep sleep until the sun woke me up.  I believe that days like that, just being out in nature with no phones or electricity, should be common practice for everybody because it really lets you enjoy life and helps you to realize that it all doesn’t really revolve around our phones and electricity.IMG_1152.JPG



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