Wk. 12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

Alice is an art student at CSULB.  When she is creating her art, she likes to call into question the ways we view the world.  She also tries to hold a singular viewpoint of a coherent perspective while she is working.

In these pieces, she says that the problematic position of the sovereign viewpoint is addressed through revealing the constructs and seductions of the landscape.  Basically, she broke apart the landscape and showed all the little pieces and lines of it all.  These landscapes were from a golf course in a certain, concrete spot.  She tells us that she un-veis, warps, and reveal a new realm, where presumptions and positionalities are bewildered and disrupted.  She basically took this landscape, and tore it somewhat apart and recreated it in her own way.  Alice says after all of this, there is space for afterthought, and maybe even a new way to view and experience the world.

I like the art she is creating here because like she said, it is giving me a new way to view the world.  The way she breaks everything apart into pieces and then puts them back together in her own sort of special way is very intriguing to me.  I find it so interesting because it really does change the way that you see everything and makes you think twice when you see things.  This change in view of the outside world is really cool because you can start seeing things different than other people do and see it the way you want to, not the way you’re supposed to.

Gallery: SOA Galleries




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