Wk. 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvatica (wild)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, SOA Galleries

Laura is an art student at CSULB who is trying to earn her Degree Master of Fine Arts.  She says the art she makes is really inspired by nature.  She loves how nature builds and creates all sorts of life form and that they are all interconnected and grow together in ecosystems.  Through her work, Laura tries to construct a visual narrative about the natural world.  One of the things that fascinates her the most is forests and how everything in them is all connected and is just a little piece of something bigger.

What I like about Laura’s art is the very bright colors that she uses to recreate the amazing colors in nature.  I also like how she likes to paint things from nature more than anything else.  I like this because I too love nature and realize that it really is beautiful.  Natures beauty makes it the perfect thing to use as a muse to create art.



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