Wk. 14 – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

This week our class met in the Japanese Gardens on campus.  In the gardens, we were instructed to make some sketches of the things we saw.  This included a pond, lots of plants and trees, lilypads and and fish in the water, a little bridge, etc.  While doing these sketches, one of our challenges was to not look down at our paper and to just try and have our pencil recreate what our eyes were seeing.  This was not an easy task for me.  I have never been very good at drawing and then now not being able to look down at what I was drawing made it even more challenging.  I have to admit that I did break this rule every now and then to look down at what I had.  I enjoyed this day in the gardens because it was very relaxing and calming place to hang out.  I also thought it was cool seeing all the fish and how big some of them were.  I enjoyed doing the sketches in the beginning when we were allowed to look down at our papers and what we were drawing, but my sketches did no justice to the beauty that was in that garden.

IMG_6745.JPG IMG_6746.JPG

IMG_6748.JPG IMG_6749.JPG


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