EC Post – Class Evaluation

I have never really been much into art, but some of these activities really did make it entertaining for me.  The first two activities that we did in this class were actually some of the ones that I enjoyed the most.  They were fun to do because I have a friend in the class and we worked together on these first two activities and really had a good time doing them.  Another one I enjoyed doing was the art care package because I made a care package to send to my best friend who transferred schools recently.  I enjoyed that one a lot because I don’t get to see him as much as I used to so it felt good setting up a care package for him because I missed him and it reminded me of how much fun it was being able to hang out with him before whenever I wanted to.  One I didn’t like was the zine and flip book activity just because it seemed complicated to do and I decided not to do it because I didn’t exactly understand it.  Another that wasn’t one of my favorites was the automatic drawing because it was hard to sit still enough for it and it just didn’t work that well for me.  The last that I didn’t like that much was the graffiti drawing activity because I am not very artistic so I didn’t feel motivated to do it.  If I had to make any changes to the class I would just make beach board more involved in the process because I know how to use it well and it would help me to stay organized and remember to do the work.


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